Hello and Welcome to Labour’s exciting new website.

With general elections scheduled for 14 December 2022, Labour is ready and confident to meet the challenges ahead.

Labour has the experience, the competence and the visionary leadership Fiji desperately needs to lift it out of the mess it is in and to move the nation forward.

We have well thought-out policies to rebuild the economy, restore the well being of our people, and repair the damage inflicted by 15 years of misrule and mismanagement by the current government.

Labour has always championed the cause of the workers, the farmers, the small businessman and the poor in our society. We have a proven record of 39 years of unbroken, committed service to the people of Fiji. The achievements of the brief Labour governments of 1987 and 1999 stand as true testimony of our ability to govern.

Labour’s 2022 Manifesto presents, once again, Labour’s Vision for our nation reflecting our understanding of the challenges that confront our nation.

Labour stands ready and committed to serve you and to rebuild our nation.

Thank you.
God Bless Fiji

News & Updates

Digging Deeper Into Fiji Airways

Fiji Airways Chief Executive Andre Viljoen deserves a rap on the knuckles for his comment that the airline does not respond to political statements, says Labour Leader Mahendra Chaudhry. He must not forget that the people of Fiji are the majority shareholders of the...

Spotlight On Fiji’s Compromised Parliament

Speaker Ratu Epeli Nailatikau shocked the nation by declaring in Parliament that the deportation of  USP’s Vice Chancellor Prof Pal Ahluwalia last week, and the brutal manner in which it was executed, was not a matter of national concern.  The deportation caused...

Fiji’s Perilous Debt Sink-Hole

For the first time in Fiji’s history our national debt level has exceeded the GDP. It is time to ask where the borrowed billions are going :Mahendra Chaudhry, Leader Fiji Labour Party  . It had become quite clear even before the Covid pandemic struck, that government...

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